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Bike Wisconsin organizes a fully supported tour called the Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River.  It's a 400+ mile ride over the course of a week.

This year Becky, my wife, rode the GRABAAWR after winning free registration in a drawing.  She pounded out 405 miles in her first tour!  Of course, she rode her tadpole the whole way.  She was one of only a handful of recumbent riders in the tour, and even fewer trike riders.

Chris Woodyard of USA TODAY took the above photo and wrote an article about this year's event.  Make sure to click through the photos in the article, and you'll see Becky made the national stage.

She swears she skipped the organized ice cream social, but the camera caught her grabbing some ice cream along the way!



08/17/2013 12:11am

What an attractive young lady. She seems to like the two things I like most in life. Sunshine and ice cream!


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